Monday, December 2, 2013

My Last Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my last blog which is kinda relieving actually cause i've gotten pretty bad at keeping up with them and getting them done on time. But at the same time its a little sad because it shows that this semester is about over with. I wont have the same teacher because i signed up for classes so late.Oops. And i also wont be in the same English class that my friend is in. But hey its all good lol life goes on. This semester seemed to have just kinda flown by. Its been a great experience and i cant believe its already over! Well, I guess this is goodbye, fellow bloggers. Bye!!!

Second Beyond Class

So I didn't really know what to do for my second beyond class. Then I remembered, i was going to a church concert event in Hampton. I went with my boyfriend and his family, and my friend Isabelle. The guy who was playing is an AMAZING guitarist that Mathews dad happens to know very well. This man just finished a tour in Italy and agreed to come to Hampton, Va to play for even just a small crowd for not even a penny. He's not only a amazing guitarist but also happens to be a really kinda man. He was great with the young children that were there and the older people also. It was a great experience and i'm glad i got to go :)

Piss Christ? :(

We recently read an article on the famous painting "Piss Christ". When i first read it i did'nt know what to think, really. I was confused yet at the same time kinda angry that somebody would make a picture of the cross being submerged in someones own urine. Like, how is that okay? Then as we got to talking about it more, it kinda made sense. i think the artist made this picture to maybe create controversy and show that no matter what, nobody's going to agree on something. Maybe that's what came of this picture? i still don't know haha But,I personally still don't like the picture, i just think its kinda wrong....

My First Beyond Class

I accomplished my first 'beyond class' about a month ago going to a concert in Richmond. The band was "The Neighborhood" I didn't really know them but i went with my cousin to keep her company. The band actually wasn't bad and was a quite enjoyable experience. The atmosphere actually wasn't too bad. Alot of rock concerts can get a little iffy when you leave as far as drunk drivers and stuff like that but we actually didn't have any trouble with any of that this time. yay!!! As goofy as drunk people are, I prefer to not be on the road with them aha The only downfall to the night was that I was hungry for prob a good five hours before i got a chance to eat. I can honestly say that that was the best taco and potato wedges from taco bell that i have ever had. Although, I was so full i could have ate like pigs feet and probably thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. JK!! But yeah.... that was my first beyond class assignment

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kitties Dont Like Water

Fall break! wooohooo!! haha Fall break was pretty chill and laid back. It was nice to get to sleep in like a lazy bum for the past few days! I've still stayed pretty busy though, resulting in my blog being 2 days late. Oopsieee. I have come to find out that students are like cats and must be afraid of water. Because the majority of the students don't even bother to come to any of their classes on rainy days. Who knows, maybe they will melt. I however, realize I am waterproof and that the rain will not kill me. I know, it's like magic right before my eyes aha. I may be able to do my first outside of class 'project'. I may be going to a concert next saturday in richmond. Think a concert will count as one? I hope so! That would be amazing! If not, I have other ideas of things to attend that seem kinda cool like the nutcracker. I have a friend is is in the nutcracker so I will probably go to that :)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Soccer and Procrastination

On October 25th another essay is due. It has to basically be linked to our first paper. I have no freakin idea how thats going to work out for me haha Anyways! I have decided what I'm going to do for my out of class activity assignments. Well i've decided one of them... I'm going to attend one of Richard Bland colleges soccer games. I'm actually pretty interested in soccer so it shouldn't be too painful to watch. my boyfriend plays soccer so I have actually attended quite a few soccer games. I never knew I could get into the games like I have, but surprise surprise, I actually have! I dont know what I am going to do for my other out of class activity assignment. But,I have until the end of the semester to get it done so i'm not gonna complain too much. I definitely have noticed that I procrastinate entirely way too much. goshhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Grammar Shmammar

I had to do my 'grammar schmammar' assignment with me assigned group the other day. I had been dreading it but it actually was not as awkward as I thought it would be. Did it go well? Did we do amazingly and awesomely perfect? Heck no! We were actually wrong about a lot of our work haha Our assignment was too explain and demonstrate the definition of an apostrophe. You think it is an easy thing and that common sense helps you out, when in are very wrong. It was no more than an epic fail. BUT, we had fun :) I am hoping though that it will not end up on YouTube like Mr.Sweeney said it may. I think we did a little too rough on it for him to want to put it on YouTube. I certainly would not want to haha I am hoping that English class will continue to be this fun and interactive. Once the pressure of standing up in front of class had faded, it was a lot of fun. I'm also hoping that my blogger will continue to work. Cause when it doesn't.....that is not good for me.